Children face violence every day. Sometimes they become a victim, bystander, or maybe offender?

Most commonly children experience several types of victimization at a time. Adults and children are both common abusers against children. The children who had experienced violence previously have a higher risk to become offenders themselves.

Though number of violence against children is declining, this is to be said about physical abuse. However violence becomes more disguised over time and more difficult to be detected or stopped.

Child's psychosocial development is mostly dependant on how reliable and close relations are with parents. But what is the quality of this link is from the very first days of child's life? How can a child benefit from natural feeding and what link it has with agression and violence? How to reduce the rates of violence effectively?

SNIECKUS foundation with your support and cooperation with organizations over the world will focus on the issues of violence against children, its prevention and education of the societies on aggression and violence, its forms, detection and prevention, importance of natural feeding, and will seek for the ways to deliver the projects, programmes and scientific research on how to reduce the rates of violence against children to foster the prosperity of families.

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